Four-tier Storage Rack Microwave Oven Rack with Single Wave Rod Silver

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What we are highly recommended to you today is this Four-tier Storage Rack Microwave Oven Rack with Single Wave Rod! It not only is a microwave oven rack, but also can be used as a storage rack to store other items. Adopting premium carbon steel pipe material and with the fine workmanship, it ensures durable use and stylish appearance. Mesh design can protect objects from falling. And it has strong anti-rust performance. What is more, it is easy and quick to assemble for its simple design. You need such a practical tool for organizing your gadgets. Why not get one to have a try?

1. Simple but elegant appearance
2. Made of high-grade carbon steel pipe material for high strength and quality
3. New and high quality
4. Help to well organize your messy gadgets, save space
5. Its four-tier design provides large capacity


1. Material: Carbon Steel Pipe
2. Color: Silver
3. Pipe Diameter: 19 x 1.0MM
4. Space Distance: 25MM
5. Craft: Stoving Varnish (Dusting)
6. Dimensions: (23.62 x 13.78 x 47.24)"" / (60 x 35 x 120)cm(L x W x H)
7. Weight: 16.31lbs / 7.4kg


Package Includes:

3 x Meshes

1 x Half Mesh

4 x Sectional Struts

32 x Clip Pieces

4 x 1.5"" Nylon Wheels

1 x 600MM Single Wave Rod