Artificial Plant Wooden Bonsai Plastic Material Home Decor Office Wedding Desk Decor Car Office Desks Tea Tables Green

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Material: flowerpot is wooden material, succulent plant is plastic material.

Size: 12cmx 9.5cm (approximately)

Product features

Four big selling points of the bonsai of high grade simulation multi meat plant

1) high-end simulation, delicate touch, tender leaves, and false. The preservation of the long time, the seasons like spring never withered.

2) belongs to the creative home furnishings, which can be used for placing office desks, tea tables, cars, toilets, bedrooms, bedside cupboards, etc. The environment is relatively small, which can be equivalent to a small ornament.

3) because the style is small and cute, not only fashion and simulation, long storage time, simple maintenance, but also can be sent to friends and classmates as gifts. The gift of a gift to a friend is a rare gift.

4) if it is placed for a long time, the small bonsai will be dusty, and can be washed with water or rubbed with wet cloth.


1 x Artificial Plant Pot 

1 x box package